WAF submit names of permanent and temporary workers

THE WATER Authority of Fiji (WAF) has submitted the list of permanent workers and temporary workers whose term of contracts had expired as of April 30, 2019 to the National Union of Workers (NUW).

This comes after representatives from both parties appeared before puisne judge Yohan Liyanage at the arbitration court in Suva yesterday.

The court had ordered WAF on May 7 to provide a list of all its members who were permanent employees and project workers or temporary employees.

WAF lawyer Gul Fatima said they had provided the list to the union and they were open to have a meeting with them.

Ms Fatima said the WAF board meeting was held on Monday this week and had also sent out an invitation for the NUW to meet them before the next board meeting next Thursday.

NUW general secretary Felix Anthony confirmed receiving the list of names and the invitation from the WAF for a meeting.

Mr Anthony said he had changed his email address and only received the email invite on Tuesday.

He informed the court he would not be present for the meeting since he would be attending an International Labour Organization (ILO) event overseas and would return by June 24.

He told the court that he would instruct his team to attend the meeting and to endorse any decisions or agreements that may come to light.

Mr Liyanage requested both parties if they could meet before the WAF board meeting next Thursday.

Ms Fatima informed the court that other unions too had been liaising with WAF.

She also told the court that the job evaluation report (JER) which had been compiled after the completion of the job evaluation exercise (JEE) would be tabled before the WAF board next Thursday.

She said the JEE was one of the 14 pending issues.

Mr Anthony said there was a need to discuss the report between the parties.

Ms Fatima then informed the court that the terms and reference of the report contained various matters and those that were relevant only to the union would be released.

Both parties have decided to meet next Wednesday to discuss the matters further.

The case has been adjourned to July 9.

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