Villagers want a change

Youths of Vaturomulo villages beleive that Government needs to provide young people in rural areas with development enablers. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

DAKUNIBA villager Josua Tamaiqaikula, 80, has participated in every election, but with every government, he has seen no changes.

Mr Tamaiqaikula said his main priority and request to the next government was for them to extend the existing village road from Dakuniba to neighbouring Waikava Village in Cakaudrove.

“At the moment, we have to use boats to travel down to the next village and it is the same for them as well,” Mr Tamaiqaikula claimed.

“We also face the issue of having difficulties crossing the road as no proper crossing is here at the moment when a king tide comes in, it floods the road.

“Vehicles have to wait for the tide to recede before they come through the village. The villagers also have to go around by boat to the next village to catch a ride if the king tide is on.”

The village, which is located about three hours drive from Savusavu Town, is the second last village situated in Cakaudrove and positioned just few metres from the seashore.

He also said the current water reticulation system installed by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) was damaged and was pleading with the next government to look into the matter.

“They had installed a water system on the hill above the village, but it got damaged. So currently, we rely on tank water and the sea for our water source,” he said.

According to him, he had been voting since the Alliance Party’s time and rated this year’s pre-poll process as the easiest so far in terms of preparations and method of voting.

“I think my vote is important because I believe the next government that will come in will need my vote,” he said.

The former Public Works Department (PWD) employee was also the first to cast his vote in the village during the pre-polls on Thursday.