Top honour awards

The fifty two students beaming with smiles after being awarded top honors at the medals and prizes ceremony for the University of the South Pacific yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

FIFTY-TWO students were awarded top honours at the medals and prizes ceremony for the University of the South Pacific yesterday.

Vice-chancellor and president of USP Professor Pal Ahluwalia said this was a celebration where future leaders of the Pacific were honoured.

“These are individuals who have excelled in their respective studies and it’s a pleasure to recognise their hard work and achievements,” he said.

“This is a celebration where we honour a group of students who are promising future leaders.”

He said the 52 awardees had a drive to excel and could do so anywhere in the world.

Prof Ahluwalia also acknowledged the support by the parents, guardians, families, friends and spouses of the awardees.

“You’re clearly determined from the very beginning and you’ve raised the bar for the other students.

“You have given our awardees such a strong foundation and you have stood by our stars in their path to success.”

Thirty-two out of the 52 students who received top honours yesterday were females.

“No doubt this is a proud moment for all of you to see yourselves excel in your chosen fields of study,” he said.

They will be among the 2225 students who will be graduating later this week in a two-day ceremony.

This is perhaps the highest number of students who have graduated in a single graduation ceremony ever,” he said.

Prof Alhuwalia added the students were central to the university and therefore they had a central commitment towards their future.

Meanwhile, the vice-chancellor and presidents all-rounder gold medal prize for the male graduate with the best combined academic performance and record of service to the community was awarded to Yash Parmar.

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