Three MPs apologise to O’Neill for leaving govt camp

Three MPs apologise to O'Neill for leaving govt camp. Picture: THE NATIONAL

PORT MORESBY, 20 MAY 2019 (THE NATIONAL) – Three MPs in Papua New Guinea have apologised to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for leaving the Government camp with others to join the Opposition in preparation for a planned vote of no confidence against him.

Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa, Talasea MP Francis Maneke and Sohe MP Henry Amuli said they realised that their electorates had benefited greatly from the O’Neill-led Government and so they decided to return.

The traditional reconciliation ceremony was organised by Tomuriesa, the Forestry Minister, at the Forestry Office in Hohola. Six pigs and garden produce were presented to O’Neill.

Tomuriesa said his electorate was now witnessing development never seen in the past 40 years.

“I have my roads from the Lousia station up to the airport to be sealed soon,” he said.

“The airstrip will also be sealed. Market is now open. The high school will be upgraded to secondary status in 2020.

“I have lot of projects that are still incomplete. So it is important that I stay in the Government.”

Maneke said staying with the Government was necessary for the delivery of services to his people.

“For newcomers like me to parliament, it is important to support the Government to make sure that we deliver to our people,” he said.

Amuli said so much had been said about him rejoining the Government.

“My electorate is bigger than me and my people are important. I have to stay with the Government to deliver to my people. Sohe is a remote electorate. I made the decision (to return to the Government side) because of the Sohe people,” said Amuli.

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