TC Tino: Evacuation centres identified by village elders

Losalini Makosa Makosa safely carries two weeks old baby Apisai Raiyawa at All Saint's Secondary School evacuation centre in Labasa. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

EVACUATION centres in villages within the Udu Point peninsula have been identified by village elders.

Villages in the area conducted meetings yesterday to alert villagers about safety procedures in case the Tropical Depression affected the North.

Wainiika Village elder Saula Tuiqalau said they have contacted other villagers within the area and have advised each other about measures in evacuating people.

“We have also stocked up on food supply, water and other important materials needed during the period of bad weather,” he said.

“Villagers have also been advised to take only the necessary things to the evacuation centre.

“We have encouraged villagers to store water and food for their children especially during the stay at the evacuation centres if they are vacated.”

Mr Tuiqalau said villagers living by the shores have also been advised to move inland.

“We have had bad experiences with the sea in the past cyclones so we are not allowing villagers to go through that again,” he said.

“So villagers have been told to move inland and even to the village halls for their own safety.”

The Emergency Operations Centre at the Commissioner Northern’s office in Labasa was activated yesterday.

Acting Commissioner Northern Uraia Rainima said teams in Taveuni, Seaqaqa, Nabouwalu, Tukavesi, Saqani, Savusavu and Labasa have been monitoring the situation.

He has pleaded with members of the public to stay safe and adhere to weather warning.

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