Supervision and middle management

Participants with their certifi cates after the completion of the course on supervision and middle management. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation held a course on supervision and middle management for 22 participants on handling difficult situations.

FCEF trainer, Epi Gonewai said these participants had to analyse the situations at hand and then think outside the box for a solution.

“We are focusing on the core problems of supervisors as they don’t have the right knowledge for their role, as at one time they were employees themselves who worked up the ranks through their hard work,” he said.

According to FCEF this training concentrated on talent inventory, gaps analysis, identifying service gaps within the organizations and goal setting especially during COVID-19 which brought a need for new ideas.

“Some supervisors think that it is going to be a joy ride and things will be the same as it was when they were just an employee, but their role has changed, as they represent their subordinates to management which is very important,” said Mr Gonewai.

Participants shared their challenge of dealing with employees who according to FCEF work under their supervision and how it became difficult to delegate tasks and not having it done appropriately.

Public Rental Board, property supervisor West, Waisea Rokobera said the major challenge was when he tried to delegate task to the employees, resulting it not being done on time or correctly.

“Through this training I learnt that the best way to approach this situation is to firstly understand the person, as people are not the same,” he said.

Mr Rokobera added the training taught him how to understand his employees and to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Marsh Ltd, Accounts manager, Donna Wendt said the training helped her understand not to rule her employees but how to deal with people by learning their behaviours.

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