Students create sustainable models

Students and techers of Samabula primary School during their craft show yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA.

SAMABULA Primary School students ventured out of the normal classroom learning yesterday to create sustainable models for their enterprise week, a program by the Education, Heritage and Arts Ministry.

The purpose of creating these models was to enable students to showcase their talents in terms of creating models for exhibition, said assistant headteacher Rita Prasad.

“It was really important because in this way we can identify other skills students possess outside the classroom and they have really made an effort to create their models and exhibitions which are on display today (yesterday),” Ms Prasad said.

She said with a roll of 700 students, the models were categorised into different subjects and the students who created the most innovative models were awarded.

“The competition was divided into four categories namely literacy, numeracy, science and PEMAC so students were given these topics from years 1-8 .”

Ms Prasad acknowledged the teachers, students and parents for their support towards the program throughout the week.

“There were a lot of very thought-out and well presented materials; the students have shown their skills and creativity.”

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