Sports awareness : Costin’s plea to sporting organizations

Members of the Tonga Residents rugby league team with staff nurses during the team's visit at the CWM Hospital Children's ward in Suva on Thursday, June 06, 2019. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

VODAFONE Fiji Bati Residents coach Brandon Costin has challenged other sporting organisations and teams to give their time in supporting charity organisations in Fiji so to spread awareness and allow the nation to be informed of what is happening around them.

Costin and the Fiji Bati Residents spent the day yesterday at the WOWS Kids Foundation in Samabula providing clean-ups as well as mingle with young children.

“We did some yard work as well as passed the footy around with the kids, and to see the absolute joy in the little kids it’s just magic to watch,” Costin said.

As part of a partnership the Fiji National Rugby League has linked up with the WOWS foundation in order to educate their players of social issues surrounding them off the field.

“So our players do get an understanding of the relationship that the FNRL has with WOWS.

“And I told the players just by us being here the media is here and so we create awareness around cancer for kids in Fiji.

“We want to challenge more sporting groups, to come and have a look at WOWS and maybe choose WOWS as your charity”.

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