Singer sings his heart out in his new album

VLY last released an album in 2015. Picture: SUPPLIED

AFTER three years on a sabbatical, popular singer, Viliame Navoka is back with a new single.

Viliame , who goes by the stage name VLY, says this song will show a different side of him apart from the usual upbeat and dance tracks that Fijian listeners associate him with.

VLY has several Fijian hits to his name such as Muju Cola, ‘melia and Mositi Au which have made top spot in the local radio stations.

But for his latest single which he has only released on iTunes and SoundCloud — the song touches on a personal journey — one that still makes him emotional because of the story behind it.

“It’s a slow love song about a relative of mine who encountered relationship problems,” described the bubbly singer.

“It’s called Dodomo Maumau. “So basically my cousin gave all his love to his girlfriend but she didn’t reciprocate his love.

“If you hear the lyrics he gave all of himself to her but she played him. She flew back to Fiji to marry another man whom she was dating prior to meeting my cousin.

“He found out about it after he called her house and the girl’s father answered and said this is the wrong time to call because she is getting married today. Imagine that.”

It was when he saw his cousin’s heartbreaking post on Facebook, that VLY decided to write a song about it.

“I thought you know what, this happens a lot to boys and girls and I thought why not write this as sort of a reminder to people — to not play with people’s hearts because that’s not something you play around with.”

The song was initially part of his album called VLY which was released back in 2015 but had been dropped and now the singer feels the time is right to release it.

“I feel like there’s more songs in the album that people should know about so I dropped this online. It’s on iTunes for people to purchase,” he said.

“Most listeners are used to my upbeat songs and all about twerking and all those thing, this song, however shows a different side of me, it shows my soft side,” he said with a smile.

“The funny thing is, I was so touched about my cousin’s story that when we were recording it — I started crying.

“It was so emotional. It’s so dear to me because I really felt it, that feeling of betrayal. So when you hear the song you hear that emotional feeling come out. I can replay the song all day and still get all teary about it.”

The song was co-written and produced with VLY’s good friend and fellow musician Lesa.

The singer says he isn’t resting on his laurels yet and he plans to produce and release more songs in the coming months.

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