Signs of life in Andy Ruiz Jr’s heavyweight comeback

Andy Ruiz Jr briefly ruled boxing's heavyweight division after knocking out Anthony Joshua. GETTY-IMAGES

There are finally some positive signs in the talked-up comeback of former world heavyweight boxing champion Andy Ruiz Jr.

The Mexican-American is back in the gym and is “falling back in love with his job”.

That’s according to noted trainer and cut man Jorge Capetillo, a close friend of the burly heavyweight who has him working out ahead of Ruiz’s hook-up with Eddy Reynoso, the highly acclaimed Mexican trainer who oversees Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

Ruiz, so often questioned about his attitude, has been disciplined about 6am runs and steady gym work over the last two weeks in Las Vegas, enough to have Capetillo cautiously optimistic.

“I’m working on his balance. As a 6’2” heavyweight most of the other guys are bigger. I told him: ‘It’s about your balance, footwork, and moving your head’.

“We are giving him the right balance so he can mix up his combinations. I was impressed.”

Like many, Capetillo feels Ruiz fell victim to fame and money in 2019 as he shocked WBO, IBF and WBA champion Anthony Joshua in New York but then got humbled in the rematch in Saudi Arabia.

He senses a change.

“It takes maturity to adjust to a new style of life,” Capetillo told Sky Sports.

“The most important thing, for me, is that he finds love for boxing again. Then we can see again the Andy Ruiz Jr who shocked the world. He has a lot of potential and a lot of skill.

“But he needs to feel passion again for his work.

“We all can go off course. But with new influence? He is a man of faith, he likes to pray, to talk to God. He is joyful. He is falling back in love with his job, this sport, to do it with passion.”

Capetillo is helping his friend professionally and personally.

“You saw what happened. We all have disappointments with our choices and decisions. That is the past now. He has to look forwards. He has to get serious,” Capetillo said.

“We only have good conversations. I told him that I love him. I explained to him: ‘You need to take this sport, your life and your decisions more seriously’.

“Now he is becoming more mature. He understands what it takes to stay humble, to stay on the right track. I see this in Andy.

“He is a humble kid, happy with his family and his kids. He is enjoying life. He is taking it day by day, making better choices.”

Capetillo has no doubt that Reynoso can bring out the best in Ruiz and has pledged to help any way he can.

“I have a lot of respect for the Reynosos, look at what they have done for Canelo,” Capetillo said.

“This will be a positive environment for Andy. Canelo is a great fighter and is a disciplined, hard-working man. If you can be influenced by a man like that? It will be positive for Andy’s career.

“Any time Andy needs me, I’m here. We’ve been friends for years since he was really young. I’ve been helping him in his career for a long time. My door is always open to him, he is a good kid.”


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