Shortage of registered surveyors in Fiji

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Ashneel Sudhakar, surveyors and guests during the World Surveyor Day earlier yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THERE is a shortage of registered surveyors in the country.

The Fiji Institute of Surveyors president Paserio Samisoni highlighted this during the Global Surveyors Day celebration at the Bowling Club in Suva yesterday.

Mr Samisoni confirmed there were only 37 registered surveyors in the country, adding the shortage was a continuing issue.

He said even though surveyors played important roles on developments and lands, people did not recognise their efforts.

“Surveyors are the hidden players behind any development, road or building constructions, housing and estates to name a few. People only see architects, engineers but the surveyors are the unknowns in all these sorts of developments,” Mr Samisoni said.

“We have 70 graduates out there who have graduated, but they are not doing their projects in order to be registered by the board.”

To become a surveyor, he says, one needs to be physically fit, have a clear mind, well versed on the use of technology and knows exactly what to do when he is out in the field.

“Unfortunately, today, the younger generation are not keen to go into the field and it’s quite challenging,” he said.

“The problem is people need more finance instead of going out to do their projects and becoming registered. The number is there it’s just that people are not going to the end to complete it.

“You cannot be forcing people. You cannot force a horse to drink if it doesn’t want to drink.”

To address the issue, Mr Samisoni said they had been organising career expos and educating students about the roles they played.

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