Saneem attacks Times

Fiji's Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem. Picture: FT FILE/RAMA

THE Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has attacked The Fiji Times again with regards to an article it published in yesterday’s front page titled “110 failed to vote”.

Mr Saneem, during a press conference, claimed that a lot of soul searching was needed at The Fiji Times.

“Particularly interesting is The Fiji Times’ continued endeavors to highlight pre-poll on its front page, the clarification which we gave was on page three somewhere in the corner,” he claimed.

“Of course if you don’t turn up, you will not vote. They are technically correct and I think a lot of soul searching is needed at The Fiji Times on whether they are really interested in reporting the elections or look like they are reporting the elections.

Mr Saneem said in Fiji, you could only vote where you are assigned and it was absolutely necessary for voters to check where they were to vote so that they do not run into any problems come election day. ”

As The Fiji Times has said “110 fail to vote”, that is because the voters did not come to the venue, but I do not want a situation where 110 failed to vote because they did not check where they are scheduled to vote,” he added.

The Fiji Times editor Fred Wesley said it was unfortunate that the Supervisor of Elections decided to attack The Fiji Times once again.

“The 2018 General Election is an important event for the country and we plan to cover every aspect of the polls, including the issues faced by the voters.

“It is my hope that the Fijian Elections Office will address issues affecting the voters that we have highlighted in the past few days for the betterment of our electoral processes. Our journalists are spread across the country to bring our readers a comprehensive coverage of the 2018 national elections,” Wesley said.

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