Road signs to assist Police improve road safety

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu with FRA CEO Jonathan Moore during the handover of 58 traffic police signs. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is deeply concerned with the number of deaths on the roads and so they have assisted the Fiji Police Force with 58 new traffic police signs to improve road safety.

FRA Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore said the traffic signs will help the police control accidents on the road.

“We have identified a number of blackspots throughout Fiji and we are planning a blackspot treatment programme where we will review the most dangerous locations and engineer solutions to increase the safety for road users,” Mr Moore said.

He said these new traffic police signs represent the collaboration between the FRA and the Fiji Police Force and over the next two to three years the FRA will be dedicating $15m into this operation to address this problem and help save lives.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu says the initiative this morning is the first of its kind through a joint effort with the FRA.

“This is a timely boost to our traffic operation considering that festive season is just around the corner. These signage’s are a sign of commitment towards road safety and our joint effort is much needed now considering the road death toll,” DCP Tudravu said.

He said the signs will enhance the quality of operation by brining discipline on our road and will help create safer roads.

DCP Tudravu said the road death toll stands at 59 compared to 65 for the same period last year, and this initiative will enhance their operations on the ground.

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