Rising seas causing problems

Tawava villager Ulaiasi Tui, 30, fetches seawater to use as a substitute for salt. Some villagers on Kadavu have run out of salt. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

The rise in sea level due to climate change has become a problem for many villagers of Levuka in Nabukelevu, Kadavu.

Sea water and tidal waves have inundated homes leaving many villagers with no option but to relocate.

Village headman Ratu Sairusi Roba said recent extreme weather events such as cyclones also forced them to relocate because living in the area was no longer possible.

According to Ratu Sairusi, two families had to relocate to higher grounds because of sea level rise.

“We know climate change is real and it’s happening in our village,” he said.

Ratu Sairusi said their seawall was destroyed and there was no other way to stop tidal waves from entering their village.

“We have asked for assistance from relevant authorities for the rebuilding of our sea wall but there is still no response.

“We know things will get worse in the future and we are doing all we can to prevent the damage the waves can do to our village.”

Ratu Sairusi says if things get worse, they will relocate homes to a safer place.

“We have lived here for years, but we won’t take the risk, if we have to move we will.”

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