Power Plants of the Pacific

Cat Adora whips up a vegan storm. Picture: SUPPLIED


Fiji is such a blessed land overflow­ing with pure nature foods, foods that are of the highest mineral rich oxygenated life force and electric alkaline properties for heightened health.

The underlying secret to real true health and longevity is right here, within Fiji’s wild flora. The native cuisine that is in abundance in these beautiful enriched Islands and so freely available to each and every one of us, is beyond comprehension, I’m talking life restoring jungle jewels, high vibra­tional bush beauties.

How can this be? Well firstly, in this series, Power Plants of the Pacific, I have detailed superior thriving and what it entails, throwing a much need­ed life-line that supersedes all others purely because the source is original, unadulterated, heightened, unmatched and undisputed. Something that can only come from nature, from creation, from the Living Creator!

Secondly, real nature food is a life line, a literal saviour from all sick­ness, illness and disease both mentally, physically and even spiritually. When we eat from nature’s garden and not from the graveyard we align ourselves with all that is living, thriving, upright and pure.

Ingesting optimal sustenance into our systems allows our minds to be oxygenated and in turn floods our brain and body with the very minerals it is crying out for.

Very few eat to live; most merely “exist” eating food like products. The problem is, with just “existing” we are still vulnerable to the many frighten­ing health complications and prob­lems that we are constantly witnessing around us today.

Health problems that are completely avoidable, but we have to choose. Ev­erything is a choice. So in other words, a thriving life is being offered to us it is ours for the taking, even here in this world we currently live in and in the state the world is in today, we have the freedom to choose to rise above poten­tial attacks from harmful health issues by making a choice to consume real true pure foods from nature.

Power Plants of the Pacific series has provided the nation of Fiji with many of my pure nature food alterna­tives, along with my go-to fresh wild herbs, bush nuts and seeds, alkaline raw fruits, original vegetables and also some of my superior health recipes over the past twelve weeks of the series publication.

My series can be found online with The Fiji Times archives each Saturday dating back to its launch on December 5 2020 so if you have missed a week — I encourage you to dig into this genuine­ly life-changing vital information.

We need to understand how the body responds to the food we ingest. The body’s cells need oxygen in order to thrive and survive, but if they are deprived of oxygen it causes cellular death and sickness.

Did you know the food you choose to eat will either flood your cells with oxygen or deprive your cells of oxygen; this underscores the extreme impor­tance of choosing raw living life force nature foods, because it truly is the one and only food source that will oxygen­ate your body.

All other food sources will deprive your body of life, of the oxygen it needs to survive the distance, let alone thrive!

This is why, in this series, I have touched on the many types of harmful foods that attack the body, often with­out us even knowing; sucking life out of you, literally, depriving the body of oxygen — harmfully cooked foods be­ing a main culprit.

It’s a mind boggling revelation, when you become ‘awake’ and see for the first time how destructive our food system and choice of foods are — how detri­mental and life threatening the foods are that we consume today! Here’s something to really think about, “oxy­gen heals’’!

Now that we know the superiority of oxygen mineral rich foods, it is so very evident why I keep driving home this point alone, the importance of real nature foods, because real nature foods are full of pure life giving oxygen!

This hope and excitement is where my message lies. We can thrive and ex­cel to heightened levels when we under­stand this food connection; the connec­tion food has to our soul, our being, our very existence and to the living creator.

I wrote last week on the original diet, this being the foods we were origi­nally intended to eat. We now undoubt­edly know that this lifestyle choice and way of eating is a proven superior and unmatched life-saving sustenance op­tion.

As a recipe creator, I am ever explor­ing and concocting vibrant nature cui­sine with the sole purpose of promot­ing optimal health and healing, which of course we now know comes from raw and sunfired pure nature foods.

I crafted a delicious wild foods meal, completely raw, consisting of some of the most loved Pacific Island and Fi­jian traditional dishes. Not only on par with the nation’s traditional dishes and their raw vegan equivalents, but crafting the very best from Fiji’s na­ture foods to continue the unique array of native nature cuisine Vegan Fiji of­fers.

How does raw palusami sound, yes raw vegan sunfired palusami, oh yes – it is possible and it’s sensational! Even raw vegan kokoda, raw veg­an coconut soups, and tropical sunfired vudi fingers with a chilli tamarind cleanser (pic­tured). Is your mouth watering yet?

Nature will never let you go without, it al­ways provides an alternative, the best alterna­tive. When food is altered, tampered with and misused via harmful cooking methods, poi­sonous cooking oils, additives, preservatives, addictive sugars and damaging salts, we are merely consuming food-like produce, not pure real oxygenated sustenance (as previously mentioned all throughout my series)

I want to particularly direct this part to the men, eating nature cuisine and real pure foods are particularly important for male re­productive organs and gut restoration. A Lot of males hold excess weight in their abdomen area.

This is a serious concern for health com­plications especially at an early age in life. You can produce superior healthy children by adopting a superior healing lifestyle through optimal foods.

It can often be seen as not macho enough or not cool to eat life foods, and even tradition­ally we are subject to consuming certain foods that are detrimental to our insides and cause numerous health issues and even early death.

Yet, when you dedicate yourself to the choice of life and its life force, the ripple effect will flow down through your family and all its members. When you take a stand to consume real healing health foods so will your own off­spring and loved ones and you can instantly change your life, the direction of your health and that of many around you.

Remember life force nature foods even hold the power to restructure and redesign DNA, this is how important what I’m saying is. Yes, I have written an article in this series on DNA and how we can alter it for good or for bad, purely through our food choices, it’s incred­ible.

Some of the most inspirational men of our time, on this planet, are awake to the impor­tance of consuming real pure raw living life force nature foods and have even testified to its effectiveness, saving grace, and restorative regenerative power.

The warrior vegan knows that superior strength, endurance, energy, performance, health, longevity, vitality, mental clarity, alertness, power, vibrancy, stamina, frequen­cy, thriving, all lie within electric earth pow­ered food, real nature foods, pure true suste­nance found in its natural untouched state.

This is the ultimate “man power” food; this is the real Spartan warrior sustenance!

Don’t believe me? Try it. It’s completely transforming, leaving you thriving on next level optimised revitalised health vibrancy!

This leads us to finally unlocking the excit­ing yet long awaited topic of pure water. A sub­ject that may flow into the next few articles as there is so much light to shed on this precious life giving liquid.

We need to be aware how the choice of water we consume greatly affects us, our body and its systems. Again, oxygen is the key, without it we perish.

So, consuming food that is flowing with oxy­genated goodness to sustain our very life and its quality would be the ideal choice of food, right?

Premature death numbers keep rising. We now know a life of oxygen deprived foods and lifestyle choices only increases the chances of facing an early death. Disease and illness can­not thrive in an oxygenated alkaline environ­ment!

The solution to riding disease and illness once and for all is right here, it always has been, in our very own backyard! Our pure na­ture food!

Yet water could possibly just be the trump key that fuses together all that I have talked about so far in this series, it is the one element that heads all the other vital aspects I’ve men­tioned within this series.

What if you were to discover the type of wa­ter you are consuming day in and day out to be the biggest culprit of detrimental health issues.

“Water, it is the one vital element that can bring you vibrant good health or rob you of it”! There are nine known different types of water that exist on the planet; these nine dif­ferent types must be brought to light.

We need to understand how critical con­suming the purest kind of water truly is, its lifesaving importance and how water is the underlying secret to longevity.

Until next time, keep powering on with the many other “raw warriors” who have joined my raw-a-day challenge, thrive with a new lease of life as you choose raw living life force nature foods from Power Plants of the Pacific.

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