Police find drugs more lethal than meth

Methamphetamine. File image. Photo: 123RF

THE Fiji Police Force made shocking discoveries of illicit drugs more lethal than methamphetamine being produced locally.

This was revealed by Fiji Police Force Drugs Unit officer in charge Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Anare Masitabua.

He said police intelligence reports had revealed there were various clandestine laboratories in the Western and Eastern divisions.

He said people were resorting to the “bath tub method” to produce an illicit drug far more dangerous than methamphetamine.

“The impact of methamphetamine on the life of a drug user could be very dangerous,” ASP Masitabua said.

“It is even more concerning that people are now using crap substances when manufacturing illicit drugs.

“Some use cleaning detergent to extract sulfide acid to cook meth.

“But in other cases, they use the whole chemical such as rat poison to cook drugs, which could give a same high as meth but more damaging.”

He said police have also discovered people manufacturing painkillers that could give the same high as meth.

“It means to say that people now have the knowledge to make drugs similar to methamphetamine.

“There is a rapid increase in the usage and seizure of methamphetamine and other synthetics; this shows that methamphetamine is locally manufactured.”

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