People: No looking back for Veiqaravi

Fane Veiqaravi with clay earrings which she sells in Suva. Picture: UNAISI RATUBALAVU

Five years ago Fane Veiqaravi began an earring business with $50 that her grandmother gave her.

The 24-year-old says the decision to become an entrepreneur instead of being employed in a traditional job is reaping rewards for her.

“I was studying at the University of the South Pacific doing courses in human resources,” she said.

“Since I was paying for my own school fees at the university, I had to look for ways to earn money way back in 2017.

“I thought about making house decorations and selling them.

“But when I went to JK Enterprises to buy raw materials to start my business, I came across items for earrings.

“I just started with $50 that my grandmother gave me and that was how I started my earring business.”

The Lauan lass said she learnt how to make earrings by watching videos on You Tube. After that there was no looking back.

“I just pushed myself to work hard at what I wanted to achieve and I can say that I am a self-starter.”

After making a number of different pieces, Ms Veiqaravi posted them on social media and people began buying her creations. Ms Veiqaravi said she makes about 100 pieces a day.

“I started off by making pompom earrings and I just developed my own style of earrings to suit different customers who have different tastes.”

She sells her earrings at different prices which range from $1 to $10.

“All my bead earrings sell for $1 while clay earrings are from $2 up to $10.”

Before she started her own business, Ms Veiqaravi used to work as a cashier at two supermarkets.

“Now that I am running my own business. I realise that I make a lot more money in one week than working as a cashier.

“That is why I make sure that I look after my business because I can earn up to $50 a day. The busy days are Fridays and Saturdays.”

Ms Veiqaravi said she loved making clay earrings because of the demand.

Last Christmas there was a family function and she received an order to make 50 pieces of clay earrings.

“I also receive orders from one of my aunties in Australia. “I also receive orders from some customers in Vanua Levu.”

The Fiji Times came across Ms Veiqaravi as she was selling jewellery and perfumes on behalf of her aunt in front of the SPR outlet on Rodwell Rd, Suva.

“In the future, I hope I can be given a space that I can sell from because we don’t have a permanent base at the moment.”

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