Pay for district advisory councillors

Minister for Defence , National Security and Foreign Affairs Inia Seruiratu and Anare Jale during break at Parliament yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

District advisory councillors are paid more than the turaganikoro because they have bigger areas to serve.

Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Inia Seruiratu confirmed this in Parliament during the sitting of the Committee of Supply on Wednesday.

District advisory councillors are presently paid $170 in allowances, while the turaganikoro get $100.

“You would probably ask why the difference between the advisory councillors and turaganikoro. Turaganikoro just look after one village, but advisory councillors have bigger areas and that is why there is difference in the rate,” Mr Seruiratu said.

He said there were 302 constituencies in total throughout Fiji, but only 279 were filled while the others remained vacant. Mr Seruiratu also revealed there were always issues with advisory councillors.

“They have a lot of differences in the communities as well but one thing that the Government has done in the last few years is to ensure in terms of the monitoring mechanism, is for them to submit reports.

“This was an issue that I think if you recall, leader of the NFP, we discussed in one of the previous meetings of Parliament (I think two years ago) where they raised questions about not being paid simply because in terms of monitoring, like turaganikoro as well, they are now expected to provide reports so that we can then release their pays so the number of visits that they do, so the monitoring is done by district officers and the provincial administrators.”

He said to enhance monitoring of district advisory councillors and other operations of the ministry, their policy team was developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all the programs, including the monitoring mechanisms so that we can also improve the customer services.

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