Northern and Eastern roads open; some remain closed in Western and Central Divisions

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) would like to advise members of the public that the serviceability of the roads between Bukuya Village and Lewa Road junction in Ba has been reduced from RSL to 4x4 until further notice. Picture: SUPPLIED/FRA

All roads in the Northern and Eastern Divisions are open.

The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has also advised members of the public to take extra precautions while traveling in present conditions with wet weather conditions forecast by the national weather service.

In a statement, the FRA said several roads were being monitored for closure.

“We will continue to issue alerts and warnings as required,” the FRA stated.

It stated that there were still some roads that remained closed.

Roads closed in Western Division

  • First culvert crossing on Kabisi Road in Sigatoka open to 4WD only
  • Busalevu crossing on Navaga / Nadevo Road in Sigatoka open to 4WD only
  • Natural River-Bed Crossing on Balenabelo Road in Sigatoka
  • Navilawa crossing No. 4 in Nadi
  • Mataniwai crossing on Mataniwai Road, Ba
  • Yaladro crossing, Ba
  • Yaloku crossing on Navala Street, Ba open to 4WD only

 Roads closed in Central Division

  • Princes Road at Sawani reduced to a single lane
  • Waidradra Crossing on Vatulili Road in Naqali
  • Koroi Road in Naqali
  • Waiyanitu Road in Navua open to 4WD only
  • Vunaniu Road in Navua open to 4WD only


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