New wheelchair brings joy and smiles

JP Bayly Trust Manager West Sarojni Michael (centre) donates a wheelchair to Saraswati’s daughter Kamini Krishna at their home in Lovu Hart Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

KAMNI Krishna was all smiles and giggles when she was lifted off her squeaky old wheelchair and placed on to a brand new one given by Bayly Welfare.

The physically impaired 35-year-old could not contain her joy.

“She is so happy that’s why she is smiling and laughing,” said her mother, Saraswati.

The Fiji Times has been inundated with offers of assistance after Ms Krishna’s plight was highlighted in an article which appeared last Thursday.

Sarojini Michael from Bayly Welfare Lautoka visited Ms Krishna’s Lovu HART home and handed over the wheelchair.

“We read about Kamni’s issue and decided to lend a hand,” Ms Michael said.

“Saraswati receives $80 a month from the Social Welfare Department, out of which she pays $30 for rent, $12 for water and $12 in electricity bills.

“And when you account for food and other expenses, her monthly expenditure is $112.

“So this is where Bayly Welfare stepped in and began assisting the family.”

Ms Michael said a lot of people in similar circumstances as Ms Saraswati, were finding it difficult to make ends meet because of the rising cost of living and limited access to income.

“Saraswati cannot leave Kamni and go out to look for work because she needs 24-7 care.”

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