Nauru works on gender equality

The Nauru Rugby Inclusion Impact Program is a sport for development initiative focused on rapid and high-quality growth and inclusion of women and girls in all aspects of rugby union. Picture: OCEANIA RUGBY

The Nauru Rugby inclusion impact program has its eyes set on having a first women’s and strengthening conditioning coach.

Operations manager Jone Caginilotu said the inclusivity of the program had seen an improvement with 16 women in Nauru achieving their level one coaching certificate.

Caginilotu said it’s compulsory that they had equal representation of women.

“This is something that I would say lack in some sporting federations in Nauru,” he said.

“For us, an example, every men’s team taking part must have a women’s team too. In every event, there is a must to have three or four women’s teams. “Sometimes we have to send the men’s team back to get a women’s team and then we can start with the competition.

“So as you can see, it creates that inclusive environment, where women feel they belong to the sport, it is safe for them to come and participate.

“Women are now coming out and trying the sport, we have an all-women program that runs for beach rugby and we also created daycare and night care centers for single mothers. ”

“This encourages them to come and play.”

He said they were slowly getting the results they wanted. With the success of the programs supported by Team Up through the Australian Government, it has empowered, skilled men and women in sports.

Caginilotu said some of the achievements was sending their under-18 rugby boys to NZ.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to send a female team because of the pandemic that disrupt their fundraising,” he said.

“They have the trust and confidence of parents in sending their children to the program and we have seen the outcome very exciting.”

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