Natabe: We’re hoping to get our approval

FNRL CEO Don Natabe. Picture: MAIKELI SERU

Fiji National Rugby League chief executive officer Don Natabe is optimistic about the commencement of the prestigious Fiji National Rugby League’s Vodafone Cup tournament in November.

Natabe said they would be lodging their application form for a “safe return to sports” protocol to the Fiji National Sports Commission.

“We’re hoping to obtain our approval from the commission first,” he said.

“We will compile our application form and send it to the commission, who are co-ordinating with all the national sports organisations regarding the protocols for a safe return to sports.

“We hope to resume competitions once the green light is flashed.

I am aware that most of the guidelines and health measures from last year will be retained and the mandatory “no jabs no play” rule applies this time around.”

He said the FNRL was ready to host a reformatted VC competition during the last two months of the year.

“At this time, we’re planning on the most suitable format to be played in a 13-style tournament, which will basically tell us about the duration of the competition because it’s quite a short period of time. We’re delighted that any competition will allow some form of organised sports for the clubs and FNRL is hopeful of the easing of sporting restrictions in October by the Government.

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