Munro Leys Namosi Marathon 2022: Mataivalu savours race opportunity

Namosi villager Paula Mataivalu, left, during the Namosi Marathon on Saturday, July 2, 2022. Picture: ROHIT DEO

The Namosi Marathon had a different setting in terms of how it was organised. A good example was the finish line at the compound of Navunikabi villager Paula Mataivalu.

Mataivalu said this was the second time for him to host the event’s finishing stage.

“I am proud to do that,” he said. “In 2020 it was raining heavily, so we could not do much. This year, it’s much better and we are pleased to host everyone who have come.”

It was motivating to see the hospitality offered by those who were part of the race, especially when a mother of a toddler was feeding her baby on a mat when Mataivalu called her to go inside his home to properly feed her child.

Mataivalu said it was all about taking care of each other and promoting the sport of fun run and marathon among the villagers.

“Before we didn’t have much interest, but after the 2020 event, we had so many students taking up the sport. We hope after this year’s event, we will have more people taking part in the sport.”

He said they had more time to prepare this year and would be happy to host the athletes in future events as well.

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