Minister: People allowed to complete quarantine at home

Opposition Member of Parliament Lynda Tabuya during her submission to the debate for the Fiji 2020-2021 National Budget. Picture: SUPPLIED

Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete says they are allowing people to complete their COVID-19 quarantine at home under supervision by military officers.

He made the comment during the Committee of Supply sitting in Parliament on Wednesday after a question raised by Opposition Member of Parliament Lynda Tabuya.

“I have noticed that there are several setups around some Central Suva neighbourhoods of sheds with army officers in the neighbourhoods and there has been no information about that to the public. So if you could just clarify that, please,” she asked.

The Health Minister said those who were sickly were being allowed to go home.

“Some coming back who are sick, some coming back after having treatment, so they are brought back and the assessment that is made by both the IMT COVID-19 team and also with the Quarantine Enforcement Group which is obviously the support staff including the disciplined forces.

“They examine the place where this person may be and where they live and having agreed that they can be able to monitor them during the time of the quarantine, that then becomes acceptable,” he said.

Mr Waqainabete said quarantine was enforced on these individuals even when they were home.

“We were able to ascertain that this person’s house was a well quarantined place, it was about more than a quarter acre that he lived in and that we have military personnel on hand to be able to ensure that he was able to do his rehabilitation with our doctors coming to check on a regular basis.”

He said there were no exemptions to the quarantine and that no one is put at risk.

Mr Waqainabete said 5000 Fijians had returned home during the COVID-19 period.

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