LTA implements new photographic requirements for driving licenses

LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson. Picture: FT FILE

NEW Photographic requirements will be implemented by the Land Transport Authority for issue or re-issue driving licences from June 30, 2019.

LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson said this was to ensure standardisation of processes as well as better authentication of photo identifications when issuing a driving licence.

New photographic requirements for issuing of a driving licence by the LTA are:

·     The photo should be 3.5cm x 4.5cm in size and in compliance with the Fiji Immigration Passport Photo Guidelines

·     The image must have adequate brightness and contrast

·     The skin tone should be natural. In case of over exposure or under exposure of the photo, the skin is either too dark or too light, photo will not be acceptable

·     It should show a close up of the head and (partial) shoulders.

·     The image should be straight looking, centred with neutral expression

·     Face should be in sharp focus and clear with no ink marks/creases/lines

·     The face (from forehead edge to bottom chin) should be 70% to 80% of the photo or one inch height

·     The eyes must be open and no hair obscuring the face

·     Prescription glasses if worn should be clear and thin framed and should not have flash reflection or obscure the eyes

·     Head coverings, hair, head-dress or facial ornaments should not obscure the face

·     The photo must have pain light background

·     There must be no other people or object in the photo

·     The lighting must be uniform with no shadows on the face or behind

·     Red eye photos are not allowed

·     No lines are allowed

·     The photo should be ideally printed by professional photo studio with continuous tone; and good resolution. Polaroid photos or photos printed with ordinary printers are not suitable

·     The photograph must be recent and no more than 90 days old. This will be verified by LTA staff at the point of issue.

Mr Simpson has requested driving licence applicants to comply with this new photographic provisions when applying for or renewing driving licences.

“This requirement will enhance the standing of the driving licence as sometimes required for ID verification, although it is not an identity card,” he said.

People are advised to contact their local LTA office should they require additional information.

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