Local players impress Seruvakula

Fijian Latui coach Senirusi Seruvakula. Picture: FT FILE

LOCAL players playing in the Flying Fijians team have impressed Fiji Drua coach Senirusi Seruvakula. Players such as Mesulame Dolokoto, Johhny Dyer, Frank Lomani, Luke Tagi, Eroni Mawi, Joeli Veitayaki, Tuvere Vugakoto, Mosese Voka and Serupepeli Vularika have set a benchmark to other local-based players.

“I am proud that they are in the Flying Fijians team and that is the pathway for these local players,” he said.

“They have to shine during the Skipper Cup tournament, the Warriors team, the Drua and then the Latui team,” he said.

“We finished a couple of months ago and making their way to the Flying Fijians which is a massive achievement.

“It sets a platform to the rest of the local players in Fiji that anything can happen if they sacrifice.”

As the Flying Fijians play the New Zealand Maori All Blacks today, Seruvakula called on the players to be cautious while doing off-loading passes.

“I think they did well last week but from a point of view as a coach, I think they don’t have to push a lot of passes.

“Sometimes you express your skills by offloading, but now you have to understand that the game has been reviewed by the Maori All Blacks and they will counter that. We have to step up and try our best to have quality balls.

“For the Drua team, they march in to camp in two weeks’ time on August 8 to prepare for the National Rugby Championship.

“This is the extended squad and we will trim it down as we prepare for our first game against the Melbourne City on August 31.

“It’s going to be a very tough campaign because we understand that the quality players have joined the Flying Fijians. More than 15 players will be marching in to the Army Camp .

“It is a challenge for other players to fill up the positions and it gives an opportunity for other players to play.

“It will be really tough this year because the Super Rugby players will fill all those NRC teams and they will be on standby for the call up for the Rugby World Cup

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