Letters to the Editor – May 17

Leone Nakarawa in action for Fiji against Uruguay in the last World Cup. Picture: rugbyworldcup.com

Complete player

LEONE Nakarawa has done it again.
Having won a prestigious Europe player of the year award among the best is a great feat.
Also an Olympian and No 1 off-load king in rugby, the lanky forward has proven once again how consistent, strong, agile and a complete player he is.
I have never seen or heard Leone being disciplined or sin-binned or cautioned for foul play and he is a player who plays with passion.
We are so fortunate to have a complete player and with his leadership qualities, no doubt he is my choice for the next captain of the Flying Fijians.
There is a saying, “Leadership is not a position but action” and Leone is full of action. Joka dina.
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua

Soccer legends
IT is true that with the support of sponsors such as Vodafone, football in Fiji continues to find new goals.
I was delighted to read that with the kind sponsorship from Vodafone, a local football competition will be held, which will involve some of Fiji’s legends and talents from yesteryears.
Although they have disappeared from the soccer scene, we will never forget their contribution to Fiji soccer.
The likes of star Suva midfielder Intiaz Khan alongside William Sikuri, Jone Watisoni, Inosi Cava, Madigi, Doidoi, Patrick and Carston Wise, Sakeo Valevou, Tasleem, Subash Chand, Marika Namaqa and Pita Rabo have had colourful and wonderful soccer careers and played with pride for their districts.
They played at a time when the love for soccer was bigger than the monetary rewards that today’s players are motivated with.
Thank you once again to Vodafone and FFA for ensuring that fans will see our former local footballers stamp their mark on the field. Perhaps a similar competition could be organised in the West and North to involve our stars. What say Shah? Any team from Savusavu?
Nadawa, Nasinu

Pine payouts
JUST some enquiries on the current payouts to landowners please.
Was the payouts to pine landowners the first of its kind since the inception of Fiji Pine in 1970?
If it was, why were they not included in any shareholding scheme to ensure they had annual return on investment for the use of their land and resources?
Also, who else are the shareholders in the pine industry in Fiji? My query stems from reading the history and facts of Fiji Pine that indicates lucrative opportunities for landowner developments.
Perhaps, there should have been more initiative and transparency to ensure landowners gained substantial returns to move them to profitable sustainable projects.

Police service
AS soon as you see police controlling traffic in Nadi Town, you immediately know a high-profile government minister is around. When the show stops, you know the government official is gone.
When I was in primary school I saw this happening a lot.
The school was properly cleaned when a visitor was about to come.
My only advise to police is to stop cheating yourselves and provide the basic services to the town and its people at all times as you pledged.
Please put your men on the streets every day.
Thank you.

Lifestyle choices
INESCAPABLE, universal, uplifting: the only certainty in life is that it will one day end, but the onus is on each individual to live a long healthy life.
So for the benefit of our loved ones and ourselves, making a sustainable lifestyle change would be the key to a longer and healthier life. It’s never too late to change our daily lifestyle choices.
Dietary and lifestyle modification together with physical activity is the way to go. Making it part of our daily routine will help us live longer and feel better.
Hopefully, this letter will motivate you to stick with your current healthy daily habits and inspire you to make lifestyle changes. Especially if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle.
My mate Cameron now power walks some mornings, around his bed.
Hedstrom Pl, Balawa, Lautoka

English test
I REQUEST political parties to please screen your candidates on basic English before the next general election.
It is really hard, almost impossible, to understand what some MPs are saying when trying to share their message in Parliament and it speaks a lot about the calibre of people occupying an honourable post.
The general public make a choice with so much hope and expectations when they vote for someone, trusting they will do a good job.
But if one cannot understand what the chosen MP is saying, then you better think twice who you vote for next time!

Minor leak
IN the report (FT 16/5) Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar told Parliament that there had been no incidence of raw sewage leakage from the new Navua Hospital to nearby creeks.
What has occurred though, was a minor leak of filtered water.
The report goes on to say that the ministry will now bail out the hospital’s septic tank on a weekly basis to avoid spill overs.
Goodness me, how big is the septic tank to warrant a weekly bail?
How many people work at the hospital and how many patients do they have?
What did the engineers have in mind?
I think I’ll have a tight mix and think about this.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

FBC loss
FIJI Broadcasting Corporation Ltd has been making a loss for many years. According to media reports, some staff members have received pay increments.
What interests me is how can a company give pay rises when it is not making money and the biggest question is how can its CEO be appointed in other government-owned entities’ board?
I thought if a company did not make a profit in three years of operation, then it’s better to close or windup that company.
How long will the taxpayers of this country spoon-feed FBC?
I am sure we need to wind-up FBC or just sell it. Anything that doesn’t make a profit should be sold if we still can.
Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Prestigious trophy
THE OFC Champions League trophy is here and fans have been urged not to miss the opportunity to see the trophy on display at the Vodafone retail shop at Tappoo City in Lautoka.
FFA competition manager Amitesh Pal said: “It is a great opportunity for all football fans to witness such a prestigious trophy and get their photographs taken with it.” I could not help but smile as I thought about that day when one of our local clubs would get the trophy for real to our shores and keep it here until the next competition.
The OFC trophy is a visitor to our country and soon the prestigious trophy will leave Fiji for Wellington with photos and memories. End of story but time for some soul searching!
Nadawa, Nasinu

Concrete roads
IT is common sense that asphalt roads wear out more than concrete roads, but many countries including Fiji use asphalt because it is cheaper, despite concrete roads having some major advantages.
One of the major advantages would be the durability and maintenance-free life.
I believe concrete roads have a long service life of forty-fifty years, whereas asphalt roads last for ten years.
Moreover, during this service life, concrete roads do not require frequent repair or patching work like asphalt roads as is the norm in Fiji.
When you factor in annual maintenance, I believe asphalt pavement can cost four to seven times as much money to maintain.
Concrete roads are undeniably the best way to go.
When it comes to safety, durability and environmental impact, concrete roads is obviously the best choice.
I’m not suggesting for all of Fiji’s roads to be concrete, but only roads that are often inundated with potholes.
Hedstrom Pl, Balawa, Lautoka

Good times ahead
NORTH Korea is on the verge of dismantling its nuclear bomb test site sometime this month.
My pocket-size dictionary says that dismantle means to “take to pieces”.
The two heavyweights, Trump and Kim, will hold talks in Singapore on June 12.
This will be a historic summit and they will be seeing each other.
It all started during the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea in February this year when Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North Korean leader, visited South Korea for the games and opened the door for more dialogue between North Korea, South Korea, China and US.
As in my previous letters, I always believe that sports can resolve international disputes and unite nations around the world under a common cause.
Malolo, Nadi

At a loss
AS chief executive officer of a subsidiary broadcasting company, it incurred losses.
As chairperson of a government subsidiary company, he couldn’t solve a dispute.
Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Bus drivers
MY friend Allen seems surprised at the exodus of bus drivers.
What does one expect when they drive for unreasonably long hours at less than $4.00 an hour.

Embassy opening
IN his speech at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said it was a “glorious day” that would bring peace in the Middle East.
We already see evidence of that “peace” in the Israeli forces killing of 55 Palestinian protesters on the day of the opening of the embassy.
What a perverse notion of peace?

Great feat
MANCHESTER City achieving 100 points in the English Premier League is a great feat in club soccer.
However, with the FIFA World Cup kicking off in a month, the English football team is still chasing a dream to win the cup for more than three decades.
All the best to all the nations taking part and hope that we don’t see another shocker semi-final or final with goals galore.
Go Dutchman, show skills on the wheels.
Mukta Ben Place, Nabua

Please share
INTERESTING to hear that Mr Rabuka claims in his book that he spoke to God before the military coups of 1987.
Sir, can you please share with the Fijian people what God spoke to you about in detail. One thing is for sure, God will not contradict his word (Bible), hence it’s important to differentiate the good and evil spirits.
“For there is no respect of persons with God” – Romans 2:11.
Rewa St, Suva

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