Letters to the Editor – December 9

This railing in front of Laxman Apartments in Suva has been in this state for sometime now. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Khashoggi killing

‘Pompeo: No evidence links prince to Khashoggi killing’ ( FT 4/12/). Not true. I believe there is fairly concrete evidence according to CIA’s own investigation. But people believe what they set their mind on believing regardless of the evidence to the contrary. Thus, we have US President Donald Trump believing climate change is a “hoax”. We have people believing Elvis is still alive! Then we have people believing the Americans never landed on the Moon. Then we had people believing Australia was terra nullius to suit their colonial agenda… Get the drift? No rational discussion is possible with people with such mental make-up regardless of what their position and status. Truth is not altered just because someone chooses not to believe the truth. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Sexual abstinence

IT is good to learn that the Ministry of Health is promoting sexual abstinence before marriage as the key solution to preventing and reducing teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. A health team from the Vunidawa Hospital, who came out to speak on health awareness on Monday afternoon, confirmed this to the youths of the Kuriakos Church of God in Christ who are holding their national camp at Vunidawa District School. The health team spoke on wholistic wellness, how to avoid teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness and the wise use of antibiotics. It is encouraging to note that the Bible teaches abstinence with sex only enjoyed by a married couple. Now that the Ministry of Health concurs with divine instruction, all stakeholders should unite and teach, preach and share at homes and villages. The health team warned that teenage pregnancies happen during the annual school holidays and by the time some female students return to school in the new year, they are one month pregnant. On the other hand, students are taught safe sex practices in schools which is the opposite of abstinence. With the ever increasing statistics of teenage pregnancies, I believe, we can conclude that sexual activity is happening before marriage among teens. The male youths all laughed when one blamed his hormones for not stopping him from sexual activity before marriage. As a Christian, I believe that if it is God’s will to have only one partner and to enjoy sex after marriage, then He will empower His sons and daughters to be so, if they seek His help through prayer. Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa Suva

Force visibility

Congratulations to the Police Commissioner for the announcement of boosting the Fiji Police Force visibility during this festive season. My plea to the commissioner is for this duty to be carried day in and day out and not only for the festive season. Another problem that the police needs their attention on is the number of children roaming the urban areas and if there is one area aimed at it’s the Suva bus station. I notice that elder people or adults feel unsafe when in these areas, the ladies seem to grip tight on to their handbags and men seem to have hands in their pockets to avoid pickpockets. I believe this is because of the number of kids wandering around the area. The free bus fare should be stopped during the school holidays, whatever funds are left keeps children moving around. Another idea for the police to visit villages while most children are holidaying and give some community policing and have some activities to keep them engaged during the break. Let’s get behind the police and support them all the way, vinaka. Tomasi Boginiso Nasinu

Joy for the All Blacks!

The NZ 7s side ended a nine-year-old drought in the desert of Dubai. They last won in 2009 and went on to win the WRSS overall title. Perhaps the loss to Fiji during the Oceania 7s made the Commonwealth 7s gold medallists and Melrose Cup champions work harder as was shared by Player of the Tournament Andrew Knewstubb, who led the onslaught alongside Vili Koroi, Nicole, Masirewa, Shiu, Collier, Gregory and Molia despite losing experienced stars Curry, Baker, Mikkelson and Dickson. Knewstubb mentioned that the side worked hard during their pre-season training and the players were connected on and off the field. Newcomer Amanaki Nicole added that everyone
had each other’s backs and the boys were willing to put their bodies on the line. NZ 7s assistant coach Tom Cama paid tribute to the NZ 7s side teamwork and defensive structure and the ability of the boys in his squad to man up to the job. Now that’s the spirit and character that made NZ champions in Dubai and this is the fighting spirit that
I’d love to see our boys play with in Cape Town, where we face Kenya and France for the second time and Dubai 7s bronze medallists England. In Dubai, the All Blacks
were efficient, staunch in defence, worked as a team and defended dearly to deny England a try in extra time. In the exciting final, they pressed the Eagles hard, not giving any room to Baker to make his moves. Indeed, this was smart play from the most successful 7s team on the circuit. Therefore, congratulations to the All Blacks for
winning the Dubai 7s! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM, Nadawa, Nasinu

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