Karan urges FSC to monitor roads

Permanent secretary of the Prime Minister's office Yogesh Karan visit a cane access road in Batiri, Macuata. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA/FILE

GOVERNMENT has had cases over the past years where road contractors had cheated and failed to construct standard cane access roads despite being paid well.

Permanent Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister Yogesh Karan made this comment while visiting the newly-upgraded cane access road at Batiri, Macuata yesterday.

He said monitoring of such roads needed to be carried out by the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

“Government provides the grant to FSC and they have field officers in cane farming areas and these officers are our eyes and ears on the ground,” Mr Karan said.

“The cane access roads serve the entire community and have provided relief to many communities including schoolchildren.

“We have told FSC that maintenance and monitoring of roads need to be done. We need to monitor because we have had cases where some contractors have cheated and not done a good job.

“The contractors don’t build a good access road but we need to have good roads and up to standard cane access roads for our farmers.”

Mr Karan visited the upgraded road that was funded by the European Union through The Pacific Community (SPC) in 2014.

However, upgrading works were delayed so the Prime Minister’s office stepped in to speed up the process.

“We took on chairmanship of the program and completed the upgrading works of this cane access road.”

The road project cost $6.4 million and would benefit the farmers in the area.

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