Joint operation reaches some 900 drivers

ACF boss Parvez Akbar attends to a driver at Pacific Harbour last Saturday. Picture: SUPPLIED

SOME 900 drivers were reached in a joint operation to address driver fatigue from the Pacific Harbour Police Post last Saturday.

The Accident Compensation Commission Fiji (ACCF) and the Fiji Police Force (FPF) ran a joint operation to address driver fatigue.

The team from the ACCF provided coffee and water to drivers and encouraged them to stop, refresh and revive.

A statement from ACCF stated that the initiative received positive feedback from drivers and member of the public.

It stated some drivers also took the opportunity to take a break before continuing with their journey.

Driver fatigue is a serious concern and the ACCF recommends drivers to get enough sleep regularly, take a break from driving every hour, drink lots of water, and avoid alcohol.

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