Investigations continue into death of US couple; No evidence of risk to the public

David and Michelle Paul died of a mysterious illness while vacationing in Fiji. Picture: SUPPLIED/ABC News

FIJI’S Ministry of Health and Medical Devices has confirmed investigations into the death of US couple David and Michelle Paul are still ongoing.

In a statement today, the ministry stated the inquiry could take several weeks.

“The five staff placed under observation in hospital as a precautionary measure have been released and are in good health,” the ministry stated via a Government statement.

“They are being followed up at their homes by Ministry of Health staff as a matter of precaution. All other people who had contact with the deceased couple during their illness remain well.

“This is supportive of the assessment that there is no evidence of risk to the public.

“The ministry remains the only authoritative source for information with regard to this issue.

“The ministry will continue to provide regular updates on any new information. In the meantime, people should continue their lives as usual, take care of their health and seek medical attention if they feel ill, as they normally would.

Results of the investigation may take weeks, possibly longer. At this stage, for reasons of patient confidentiality, and out of respect to the families of Mr and Mrs Paul during this difficult time, the MHMS and its partners involved in the investigation will not comment on specific details of the investigation.”

Read the interview with the family in tomorrow’s edition of The Sunday Times.

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