FRA: No longer weight restrictions from Labasa to Nabouwalu

Picture: FILE

Road users on Vanua Levu are advised that there are no longer weight restrictions on the bridges from Labasa to Nabouwalu.

This follows the completion of major works that were carried out on the Vatudova Bridge.

The 20m-long Vatudova Bridge is the only bridge that lies on the main highway route from Labasa to Nabouwalu Jetty, which had a weight restriction of 20 tonnes in both directions.

According to the Fiji Roads Authority, the bridge had a thin concrete deck that was in a dilapidated condition and only one side of the bridge deck could be utilised with timber decking for the traffic flow.

The FRA said the remaining beams and sub structure of the bridge was in good condition.

“A temporary single lane bailey bridge was used to allow traffic in another direction. The old dilapidated concrete deck was jack hammered out in stages and structural checks carried out on the beams and abutments,” the FRA said.

It said the new reinforcement and shear connectors based on new design were placed and the concrete deck of 200mm thick was cast, which was left to cure to gain strength before it was allowed for vehicular traffic.

The new and improved bridge also has a new footpath and hand railing for safety.

“By carrying out this work, the current load restriction is now removed. This means no restriction between Nabouwalu and Labasa now that Vesidrua, Korovuli and Korovula have operating Bailey Bridges,” the FRA said.

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