Four complaints over foreign objects in can

Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil. Picture: FT FILE

The Consumer Council of Fiji has received four complaints of foreign objects being found in canned goods in the past three years.

Council’s CEO Seema Shandil said the number might be low because people were not sure what to do when objects were found.

“The council received a total of four complaints in the past three years, however, such cases may be more common and may go unreported,” she said.

“Some consumers may not even be aware of what they should do if they find a foreign object in their canned food.”

She said if a foreign object was discovered in any canned or packaged food in a see-through container after it was bought, the container must not be opened and the object must not be taken out because this might damage the evidence.

“If consumers are already eating the food when they spot the foreign body — as in many canned goods the contents are not visible until you open it — the first thing a consumer should do is take photographs as evidence.

“Then, put it back into a see-through container, preferably in such a way that consumers can see the object.

“Keep the container in the freezer so it can be preserved. Then, find your receipt so you can prove when and where you bought the food.

“The evidence will be needed by the council if consumers lodge a complaint or if consumers decide to pursue enforcement through criminal or civil pursuit.”

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