Forever yours

Newly wed couple Shyam Lodhia (left) and Sheetal Prasad enjoy a light moment after their wedding in Nadi. Picture: NIYAAZ DEAN PHOTOGRAPHY/SUPPLIED

WEDDINGS are very special and meaningful events, not only for the couple getting married but also for the friends and family attending.

It gives everyone an opportunity to reconnect with one another and share the joy of this special event.

It also can be a tiring process and couples should work out together as a team to pull everything off successfully.

It’s a key ingredient.

So when Sheetal Prasad and Shyam Lodhia embarked on a week-long celebration to mark their special day, it took a lot of planning and teamwork to pull off the event.

They had a combination of a destination wedding at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant where they officially signed their marriage certificate and a traditional Gujarati wedding.

Sheetal is a media coordinator and editor from Suva while Shyam is a Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist and videographer from the friendly North, Labasa

“We have known each other for a little over four years. It was a very brief glance at his office, I said hi and quickly left,”smiled Sheetal.

“He was this clean shaven guy and a gamer from what I was told. He worked out a lot too! I found him very mature in regards to respect, love, family and responsibilities,” she added

“As for her I was given the impression she is a very shy girl, she loves her island style of dress and she has the cutest dimple smile,” said Shyam. “When we had our first date, she wore the cutest outfit, I nicknamed it the school teacher outfit.”

The couple said their favourite way of spending time included lying in the living room accompanied with munchies and cold beers and watching a movie. It’s those small things that matter to them.

The beautiful venue at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant was like a fairy tale when they had their wedding. It had a theme of an “enchanted forest.” Close to 80 guests attended their wedding.

“When I first saw Sheetal walking down the aisle, I had tears of joy in my eyes. It was just a surreal feeling,” described Shyam.

Sheetal wore two outfits for the wedding.

The ceremony outfit was a long sleeve off-shoulder lace dress topped with a chiffon white skirt with a slight trail at the back.

A beautiful veil with embroidered lace edges, and topped with a crown of flowers. While Shyam wore black pants and grey vest coat over a white long sleeves shirt, and accessories which included a black watch and matching tie.

“The wedding was a week long event which led to the final day of our traditional wedding held at the Sita Ram Temple in the CAAF compound In Namaka, Nadi,” said Sheetal.

“We wish to remember our beloved papa who was part of the wedding in spirit. All families and friends who traveled from overseas and around Fiji contributed in each and every way possible, working tirelessly to ensure everything ran smoothly. If I may add, two people in particular did went far and beyond for us from the start to ensure everything went well. Our good friends, the lovely young couple Anurima and Vishal Deo.”

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