Farmer prefers door to door sales

Nemani Tukisavu of Nabukaluka, Waimaro prefers to sell his produce door to door. Picture: SOPHIA RALULU

A GINGER farmer from Nabukaluka in Waimaro, Tailevu says he prefers to sell his produce door to door instead because he makes more money that way.

Nemani Tukisavu, 62, plants dalo and ginger on his farm and sells them from house to house or at times from one office to the other in the city.

“I have been planting dalo and ginger on my small farm for about 10 years now and it has helped me pay for my children’s education and for my family’s upbringing over the years,” he said.

Mr Tukisavu said all his children were out of school now except for one.

“So I take the ginger I harvest from the farm to the businesses and offices in the Suva city and many people buy them because they are not able to walk to the market because of their busy schedules.

“I harvested the ginger two weeks ago and I took some to the ginger factory in Lami because they buy fresh ginger from farmers like me,” Mr Tukisavu said.

“The rest I packed into bags which I sell for $2 a bag.”

On Friday last week Mr Tukisavu was in the Capital City with his packs of ginger and had managed to sell quite a few of them.

“I just come to the city early in the morning and like I said before, I go from one office to the other to sell it.”

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