Driver will never forget his saviour

Virisila Silivere with Aklesh Chand (right) and Arush Chand (left) two of the six passengers she rescued. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

“We were scared and were trembling because our car was partly submerged in the floodwater.”

These were the words of Rashid Ali, the driver of a car that was swept away while trying to cross a flooded culvert at Munir Rd, in Seaqaqa, Macuata.

The passengers and Mr Ali were later saved by cane farmer Virisila Silivere.

The incident happened about 10am last Friday as Mr Ali transported the Chand family home, after shopping in Seaqaqa.

Mr Ali confirmed, through a phone interview, that when he walked through the flooded road, the water level was below his ankle.

Happy to be alive, Parvin Chand (beside bus) with his wife Indra Devi and youngest 8 -year -old son Pranal Chand in Labasa yesterday. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

“And the currents were not strong so I crossed in the car but when we passed the culvert, there was a pothole on the road and one of the tyres went into the pothole and the floodwaters lifted the front part of the car,” he said.

“The car was swept towards the bushes on the side of the road and our car floated. Thank God for the tree that stopped our car from floating down further.”

While in the car, he saw Ms Silivere swimming towards them and he yelled out for help.

“We are grateful to her for saving our lives. We will never forget her kindness and what she did for us.”

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