DJ Christonite to close Fringe Festival

DJ Christonite in an interview with the Fiji Times at his home studio. Picture: ATU RASEA

DJ sensation duo DJ Alby and DJ Christonite (2Tingz) are no strangers to the music scene.

Speaking to Fiji Times Online, Christian Mallam (stagename DJ Christonite) expressed his love for music and how he hopes to one day take Fiji youths around the world showcasing their musical talents.

With musical influences from classic Motown with a hint of reggae and a drizzle of hip hop, Mallam shares his passion with the world.

He has opened up for some of the biggest international acts such as Skrillex, Fisher, DJ Craze, A-trak, Skratch Bastid and many more.

Specialising in Genre Bending, the duo has no limitations when it comes to mixing music to match their audience.

“In Fiji, when you have a party, it’s not just one genre of music, different people will want different songs and being a DJ in Fiji, you must be open to all of this.”

The duo’s set list and genre allow them to connect with their audience as well as share a little bit of themselves through their spins.

Success does not come without any challenges, Mallam shared that more awareness needs to be created for copyright laws as a lot of people are not aware of this.

He encourages youths with a passion for DJ’ing to pursue their dreams.

2Tingz will be closing the Fiji Fringe Festival on March 4.

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