Digital trade standardisation to allow PICs to engage internationally

THE Digital Trade Standardisation Workshop is expected to provide Pacific Island countries an opportunity to engage in international standardisation activities.

These were the words of Ministry for Industry, Trade and Tourism permanent secretary Shaheen Ali while opening the workshop today saying it would also help the region to deploy digital technologies and improve cross-border business opportunities.

Mr Ali said the internet and new technologies had a major impact on our lives – in ways one could not have dreamed of a few years ago.

“So it should be no surprise that technology is also transforming the way we trade,” he said.

Mr Shaeen said the change in the market place was significant, adding Fiji was only at the start of this revolution.

“A World Trade Organisation (WTO) study found that by lowering costs and increasing productivity, digital technologies could boost trade by up to 34 per cent by the year 2030,” he said.

“This could be a catalyst for growth and development in the future. But we cannot take these opportunities for granted.

“While it is clear that digital trade can unleash great potential, we also need to be aware of the challenges involved.

“Therefore, Fiji can ensure that national and regional interest is taken on board at the international level.”

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