COVID-19: Post Fiji focuses on other revenue options

Post Fiji in Suva City. Picture: SUPPLIED

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted Post Fiji’s focus from its usual service to other various options to maintain its revenue line and sustain its business.

Post Fiji CEO Dr Anirudha Bansod told a press conference today that its postal revenue had substantially dropped, which was expected as the entire EMS and international parcels had stopped coming into the country.

“It gives a hard lesson to Post Fiji in terms of the bottom line,” Mr Bansod said.

“So what we are doing is that we are restructuring and transforming the business model so instead of moving to the regular postal services, we are changing the direction of our strategy towards the grocery shop.”

He said there were 58 post shops out of which 20 would be selected to start selling the basic essential groceries in a weeks’ time.

“The objective of selling the grocery is to support the community, which is a critical need at this time.”

He said customers could use the e-shop platform or contact their call centre on 132123 to purchase goods and organise a delivery payment.

He added their doorstep delivery would be facilitated by their EMS delivery service.

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