COVID-19: HFC waives bank statement fee

Picture: HFC Bank

HFC Bank has removed its fee for bank statements for those that require this document for assistance from the Fiji National Provident Fund in light of the present COVID-19 pandemic.

The bank initially charged a $3 fee for a page of the bank statement.

General Manager Operations and Transformation Admond Chandra this evening said HFC Bank had waived the fee.

“We wish to clarify that in light of the current COVID-19 crisis, HFC Bank Statement Printout Fee for the next three months is waived,” Mr Chandra said.

Meanwhile, other banks’ fees for statements are as follows:

BSP – $3 a page

ANZ- $2 a page

Westpac – $5 for the whole statement

HFC Bank – Free for next three months

Bred Bank – $2 a page

Bank of Baroda – $2 a page

However, the FNPF has confirmed an online copy of the statement will be accepted which customers can print on their own for free.

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