Couple desperate for food, money

Maya Wati with her bedridden husband Sarwan Singh at her home in Navo Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

MAYA Wati has been forced to use old bed-sheets as napkins for her bedridden husband these past couple of weeks because she can no longer afford adult diapers.

Her husband Sarwan Singh has been bedridden for more than a decade after he suffered two mild strokes and his heart problem has denied him the right to walk anymore.

The elderly couple have been renting a one-bedroom home in Navo, Nadi, for the past two decades.

“We need assistance in buying adult diapers for my husband and some food for us,” an emotional Ms Wati pleaded.

“We also need some assistance with our rent money and bill payments which are in arrears.

“I need food, rent assistance and groceries, my husband needs diapers, he is currently using cloth as his napkin and this is why I am pleading with anyone who might be able to assist us.

“My husband’s health continues to deteriorate and I continue to worry about him daily.”

Ms Wati said they relied on her husband’s Social Welfare $100 monthly pension, however, this was not enough to cater for them anymore.

She hopes a good Samaritan will reach out and help her and her husband.

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