Christian bookstore spared in city fire; Owner acknowledges divine intervention

Tree of Life bookshop store operator Rachel Samuj standing in front of her bookshop which reamined untouched after a fire totally destroyed the Suva Flea Market and Value City store next to it. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Rachel Samuj believes God displayed His power when He saved the bookstore she manages at the Suva Flea Market.

The Tree of Life, a Christian bookshop, was the only business spared in a blaze that destroyed seven restaurants, 115 handicraft stalls and the Value City second-hand clothing outlet one week ago on Friday.

“Though the odds were against us, God was not,” said Ms Samuj.

She said she had just reached home when a stall owner called her and said that the Suva Flea Market was on fire and all the stalls were destroyed.

Ms Samuj said she immediately called her directors to inform them of the news before she rushed to the scene.

“As soon as I reached the Flea market, I tried to go in to see the bookshop but it was cordoned off and we were not allowed to enter because of the blaze.

“I just stood there and cried.

“I prayed and said ‘God please spare my bookshop’.”

She said God’s power was manifested on that Friday because everyone thought that the bookshop was also burnt down.

When she received news the day after the incident that her bookshop was saved, Ms Samuj said she knew it had to be through divine intervention.

“This is a living testimony of God’s power.

“The name of the bookshop speaks for itself and that is that God’s word is alive and true.

“The bookshop has been operating for the past 14 years, we moved to this location two years ago.”

Ms Samuj said she had been looking after the bookshop for a long time and she felt that it was God’s calling in her life.

“I use God’s word to minister to people who visit the bookshop and we’ve witnessed miracles and even testimonies from those who have purchased books from our shop,” she claimed.

“I believe that what transpired on the day of the fire showed that God is still in control and he controls everything that happens on this planet.

“We are nothing without God.”

The bookstore comprises a range of Christian books and is owned by renowned local businessman Sir James Ah Koy.

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