Chef returns home

Pastry chef Rohit Singh opens Ba's first dessert cafe. Picture: SUPPLIED

After learning his craft in some of Fiji’s top resorts, pastry chef Rohit Singh, has returned to his soccer crazy hometown of Ba to open its first dessert café — Indulge Designer Cakes in Ganga St, Ba.

The trendy cafe not only specialises in resort-quality celebration cakes and desserts, it is also one of the new style of modern eateries opening up around the country.

Culinary ambassador chef Lance Seeto believes this trend will continue to grow exponentially as Fijian’s develop a taste for more exotic foods at local prices.

“What we are finally seeing is local chefs training and getting experience in our international resorts and instead of taking those skills overseas, they are staying in Fiji to be with family while helping the local economy.

“This in turn brings contemporary food served in clean modern cafes to the often neglected rural towns.” says Mr Seeto.

With stints at Castaway Island and Likuliku Lagoon resort as senior pastry chef, Rohit Singh is a graduate of FNU and holds double diplomas in Culinary Arts as well as baking and pastry.

He has also competed overseas and gained work experience in some of Melbourne’s award-winning restaurants including Tonka and Om Nom Kitchen.

“My parents are local farmers and struggled to pay for my education, so as they are getting older I wanted to make good use of my pastry experience while staying close to home,” says the young chef turned small business owner.

Mr Seeto says one of the biggest hurdles young café owners must overcome is the lack of rental properties that are purposely designed for eateries.

“Most developers build shops for retail but if space is created ready for a café or restaurant then I am sure we will see a boom in more local places to eat”

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