Chand: No fans will affect professional boxing program

Heavyweight boxer James Singh (left) with Boxing Promoter Freddy Chand in Nadi. Picture: FT FILE/MACIU MALO

South Pacific Boxing Promotions has stated that it was not financially viable to proceed with their first professional boxing program in late January without fans apart from the safety and welfare of fighters, officials and the wider boxing fraternity.

Promoter Freddy Chand said he would make immense losses if he was to hold the boxing event.

“Absolutely, if I have to look at it through the business perspective, I am going to lose thousands of dollars without any paying spectators” he said.

“SPBP believes the cancellation is the only way to go at the present moment in time if the general public won’t be allowed inside the venue.

“It wasn’t a difficult conversation to make with the financer Mohammed Shameen and we made a split-second decision in terms of not going ahead with the program.

“We had announced our plans of not returning to action on January 29 when the directives of ‘no spectators at game events’ were given by the relevant authorities.”

Chand added that the significance of a boxing event without spectators would b similar to a graveyard.

“The arena will look dead without any fans.

“If there was a big crowd, the fighters’ adrenaline will be pumping and hence quality boxing would be exhibited.

“I am extremely disappointed that my boxing program has to be postponed.”

The event was cancelled until further notice amid the spread of a third wave of COVID-19 in the country whereby the permanent secretary of Health and Medical Services had labelled fans at sporting meets as ‘super spreaders’; and that sports suspensions, postponements, and cancellations are slowly wiping out the numerous sports events scheduled for the month in the sports calendar.

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