21st September

People | Nurturing hope at home

Providing hope and a fresh start in life may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for Elena Likuderebula, it is a role she has slipped into with effortless ease. As a young woman who...

20th September

Raising the bar

Balancing academic pursuits and dreams can be challenging but it is definitely possible. That statement has motivated Salacieli Koroi, a young Fijian who shared his inspiring story of perseverance, personal growth, and the pursuit of his dreams with this newspaper. “I dedicate everything I do to my mother,” he said. “Everything she has done has...

19th September

The road to reward

Isaia Batiratu’s humble upbringing may have been a challenge but it paved the way to a rewarding career. During his laid-back childhood days, Mr Batiratu had to endure struggles to guarantee his placement at the then Lautoka Teachers College in Lautoka. Becoming an educator was a job he had yearned for ever since his primary...

18th September

People | Parcels of success … Maharaj thankful business doing well

He lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic and returned home a troubled man. How he was going to support his family in Dreketi, Macuata troubled his thoughts. Worried about this family’s future, Dharmendra Maharaj decided to start a small food business. Since that day, he has never regretted his decision to do something on...

17th September

A trailblazer’s journey through a lifetime of service

In the remote village of Drekeniwai, nestled in the famed Natewa Bay, young Vane Dulukorewa Nawalowalo’s life took shape in a world she neither chose nor resented. Her parents were civil servants and they were posted to Vaturova in Cakaudrove, where she attended Korotasere District School. It was at this school, where she attended class...

16th September

People | Mia returns the love

MAKING her grandfather happy had always lingered persistently in Asenaca Tusaqa’s heart. So when she won some money after competing in a recent music competition, there was only person on her mind — her loving grandfather. The 20-year-old, known to many as Mia, was able to purchase an outboard engine for her grandfather after she...