2nd March

Save finds life in music

At a point in life “never give up” is a statement we often used to push the mind to go beyond its limit. Those very three words have provided inspiration to 21-year-old Savenaca Waqabaca. Save...

25th February

Love needs no words

Setoki Naika and Leidua Naika are the epitome of the saying, “True love does not need words”. The hearing impaired couple reside in Nasole, Nasinu and have been in love for more than 17 years and their love for each other has remained steadfast throughout the years. Mr Naika, 35, said their love story started...

24th February

Dad learns to survive in the city

HE left his farm in Lovonivonu, Taveuni, two years ago to stay close to his three children and wife to provide a good education for his children. Timoci Baikeibau left behind his yaqona and dalo farm on Taveuni and now sells peanuts and beans along Marks St in Suva. “My wife and three children came...