14th January

People: No looking back for Veiqaravi

Five years ago Fane Veiqaravi began an earring business with $50 that her grandmother gave her. The 24-year-old says the decision to become an entrepreneur instead of being employed in a traditional job is reaping...

13th January

People: Gold medals for farm boy

From a humble farming background, Joseph Rao has gone beyond what any young man raised in a humble setting has done – a recipient of two gold medals. The recipient’s two gold medals from the University of Fiji’s School of Law wasn’t always as easy as many would think. He is the gold medal recipient for the outstanding student...

12th January

People: Gabriella, Ivan and a two-tonne truck

People know her as the “Chinese lady truck driver”. Her name is Gabriella Rose Wong and she spends her days at the wheel of her two-tonne truck. Gabriella and her husband Ivan Krishna own and operate Innovative Gears. “We began in 2017,” she said. “We started driving our two tonne truck and hiring it out with the option of providing logistical support with our team and tools...

10th January

Paulo’s calling to serve ‘Learning to trust in God and not in man’

Catholic priest Father Paulo Vatunitu knows what it’s like to serve God’s calling in a country where parishioners freely carry firearms even to church. The Qaravutu lad of Tunuloa, Cakaudrove, who served in regions of the Philippines for six years, described his experience as challenging, yet promising years of his life as a priest. This is because...