Letters To The Editors

Letters to the Editor: November

Drug find HARD drugs have been found by people on Naviti while walking to and fro going about their business. I wonder of what value? A whole heap of full beer kegs I believe but...

13th November

Letters to the Editor – November 13

Oceania Sevens rugby What a cracker of a game the final between the two rivals Fiji and New Zealand from the first whistle to the last. It sure was an edge of the seat expected game that had most of the fans roaring for the home team Fiji to score and that gave us the...

11th November

November to remember

A cow gives milk to the whole village but it does not make noise. But when a hen lays just one egg that can not even feed one child it crows and makes noise to the whole village to know that it has laid an egg. People who offer little help keep shouting and writing...

Daylight Saving

Australia had their Daylight Saving one week before ours and we were only an hour difference with them, instead of the normal two hours difference. Now that Fiji has opted to have its own Daylight Saving, the normal two hour time difference with Australia remains. Apart from enjoying and making use of the extra daylight...

Street lights

Could the relevant authority fix the timing as to when the street lights get turned on in Kermode Rd Lautoka. At the moment the lights turn on at 8.35pm (d.s.t) daily leaving the streets in darkness from after sunset which is about 7pm. Because of the darkness, until the street lights get switched on, the...

Oceania 7s

Watching the replays of the Oceania 7s I could see the huge difference in levels of rugby that exist in Oceania. 62 nil is the score between some bigger 7s nations. Skill levels differ so much so, that at times I wondered if only one team was on the field. And to the coach who...

Expert advice

IF you want to know about the success or failure of government on health and education system take time to listen to doctors,  nurses and  teachers . Don’t be misled by others. Dan Urai Lautoka

Campaign blackout

I believe all the candidates can now go and take a jump from the Rewa bridge (the old one, that is). You will find the experience thrilling, just as you have left us, the poor folks, bewitched with your election promises. Samu Railoa Tailevu

Fiji’s messiah

I just said wow when I read (FT/11) that a candidate said that the prime minister was Fiji’s messiah. Trues up? Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka  

Party manifesto

So all the parties have come out with their manifesto containing glorious promises. I wonder whether the average voter even knows about the existence of such statements or understand it’s implications. Vote wisely.   WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

9th November

Letters to the Editor – November 9

Diwali sweets and all The much hyped and fun-filled Diwali festivities are over. The skies glittered with an array of fireworks and it certainly was a marvel to watch such a bright display on the darkest night. Mouth-watering sweets and scrumptious food and pleasantries were gleefully exchanged, which reminds I probably need to get a...