Editors Comment

20th November

Editorial comment – Promote love, respect

YESTERDAY was a special day for Muslims around the country. We celebrated the birthday of Prophet Mohammed. Muslims believe the prophet was a perfect example of being upright, merciful, compassionate, truthful, brave, generous and distant...

19th November

Editorial comment – The people have spoken

YESTERDAY marked the end of the 2018 General Election. It marked the end of a period that culminated in two weeks of intense campaigning. In the heated battles, parties clung onto strategies they calculated would woo the important component in the election process — the voters. However that panned out, campaigning reached unprecedented levels of...

18th November

Editorial comment – Blackout period over

THE blackout period is over and done with. As results slowly come in from the Fijian Elections Office — we are left to keep our emotions in check. Obviously, for many people, this isn’t something that will be easy to control given the heated debates over the past two weeks. The battlelines were drawn the...

17th November

Editorial comment – Staying focused

THERE is excitement in the air as we prepare to take on the might of Uruguay this weekend. What is of particular interest is the announcement by national coach John McKee that the “Sledgehammer” Eroni Sau would be on the wing early tomorrow morning in Gloucester, England. If that wasn’t good enough for fans, the...

16th November

Editorial comment – Being vigilant

At this time last year, we were actually discussing a rise in cases of dengue fever when compared with the previous year. Acting National Advisor on Communicable Diseases Dr Aalisha Sahukhan then said that of the 2699 cases of dengue fever, the highest numbers were recorded in the Western and Central divisions. The number was...

15th November


Editorial comment – Go Fiji, go

IT is good to know that national rugby coach John McKee says they have put last weekend’s loss to Scotland behind them and are now focused on their next game this weekend. Last week’s loss, he said, was disappointing but they had taken what they could from that and would concentrate on preparations for Uruguay....