Editors Comment

5th July

Editorial comment – Getting into survival mode

It was interesting to read about former hotel workers Viliame Tagisaya and Semi Waqa now being labourers on a sugarcane farm. As we reported yesterday, three weeks ago they made the switch from greeting tourists...

4th July

Editorial comment – A different 4th of July

Today is an important day for the people of the United States of America. Much like our special day on October 10, today, Independence Day or the Fourth of July is significant for Americans. It means different things for different people. Americans around the world will reflect on many things today, ensuring the day is...

3rd July

Editorial comment – A step in the right direction

The revelation that the Flying Fijians could join the Six Nations competition with Japan as guest teams in an expanded eight-team tournament later in the year once restrictions are lifted is interesting. Fiji Rugby Union chief executive officer John O’Connor sees the opportunity as a breakthrough for Fiji rugby. Fijian fans will see it as...

2nd July

Editorial comment – Keeping the focus on COVID-19

It’s interesting how things have changed over the months since the announcement of our first COVID- 19 case in Lautoka. As the pandemic continues to grip the world, we aren’t immune at all. On the international front, the CNN reports that China is just one of several countries trying to produce a vaccine for the...

1st July

Editorial Comment: Exciting times for women’s soccer

The confirmation that the 2023 FIFA women’s World Cup will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand is like a breath of fresh air for soccer in the region. Scheduled for July and August, the event will shift the focus of attention on to our region. The fact that NZ are hosts means they have...