19th October

Self-taught pianist

Lenati Vatuwaliwali Ramokosoi is a self-taught pianist who started playing the piano in Class 4 (Year 4). Ramokosoi did have a unique ability that influenced the way he played — he had a photographic memory....

15th October

Guitarist ‘honoured’

Famed jazz guitarist Tomasi Mawi received a 50th Independence Anniversary medal for his contribution to Fiji’s music industry. The 75-year-old was among 26 medal recipients at the State House yesterday. “To receive this medal is a great honour,” Mr Mawi said. “I’ve been part of the music industry as a young boy in the late...

Not ready to quit – Vude Queen at 60

Fiji’s Vude Queen has just turned 60, an age where many would think of retirement and slowing things down. That would work for the masses, but it certainly doesn’t for Laisa Vulakoro. If the past few weeks were anything to go by, Vulakoro appears to have received a second wind. The Yacata, Cakaudrove, lass has...