18th November

Crossword – 18th November 2019

17th November

Crossword – 17th November 2019

16th November

Crossword – 16th November 2019

15th November

A design for Times

DESIGNING uniforms usually involves a lot of intricate planning to properly represent a company’s values to the public. Ilai Jikoiono was the designer behind The Fiji Times staff new uniforms which was launched during the company’s 150th anniversary celebrations this year. According to him, the new uniform reflected the company’s history with elements used from...

Cartoon for the day – 15th November 2019

Crossword – 15th November 2019

14th November

Cartoon for the day – 14th November 2019

Crossword – 14th November 2019

13th November

Crossword – 13th November 2019

Cartoon for the day – 13th November 2019