20th September

Man with many talents

George Wasile, commonly known as Tropic Thunda in the local art fraternity is our spotlight for this week. He shares his story of becoming an artist and how his family has been supportive of his...

The return and Alice’s glass art journey

Inside Alice Hill’s annealing oven, glass designs take their turn cooling down. Before they ended up there, they are first carefully blown from molten glass removed from a crucible where the heat goes up to a daunting 1100-degrees centigrade. They are paddled into shape and resurrected to life, manifested in bottles, plates, and an endless array...

17th September

Moroivalu recalls the good old days

Today, sigidrigi bands are a dime a dozen. Travel to any village or rural community and chances are you will find a group, complete with guitars and ukuleles strumming their way through iTaukei tunes. Wind the clock back half a century and the music scene was quite different. Taniela Moroivalu, the surviving member of the...