Boxers ranked

Westwood Boxing Promotion promoter Praneel Dass with the new Fiji title. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Boxing Commission of Fiji has finalised the boxing ratings of local boxers as well as then issues surrounding title holders and other professional boxing activities for next year.

BCF chairperson Sara Bulutani believes that the titles will liven up the sport especially the boxers as they will fight for a title in the future.

“We have 16 belts up for grab next year we’ve also finalised the ratings of the boxers and the ones that will be contesting for the titles will be based on their number of fights and also the weight category they’ve appeared the most because some of our fighters compete in different weight categories and we will only see which category they’ve appeared the most and they will have to be registered under those divisions,” said Bulutani.

Bulutani said local promoters had done the hard yards in the past keeping the sport alive and they should be credited for their hard work.

“We have confirmed three boxing promoters that have shown interest to host a title fight and we are looking forward for more promoters to join in as we will be having title fights in every boxing program that we host but the promoters need to register with BCF in order to secure a title fight next year,” said Bulutani.

“The latest rating was only made possible by our passionate promoters who mostly incurred losses due to low crowd turnout and competition with other promoters just to organise boxing promotions that allow current and emerging boxers to carve their name in Fiji’s professional boxing ratings.

Meanwhile Westwood Boxing Promotion promoter Praneel Dass was in Suva last week to declare his interest to hold a title fight in Suva and it is welcoming news to BCF as the boxing fans in the Central Division are dying for a boxing promotion to take place in Suva.

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